Building Inspections & Temporary Safety Fencing

Introducing You to ITFHire

With the majority of property purchases in Australia taking place via a bidding system, it can be especially hard for a buyer to ensure that the home that they are considering investing in is really worth their time and effort. Fortunately for those of you in this position, ReadyFence building and construction hire have stepped forward to offer a fantastic variety of temporary safety equipment hire services for your build.


Who Are ITFHire?

In a nutshell, the brand are a well-established building inspection agency offering property and pest inspections, as well as strata reports, to those in need.

Their services are some of the most affordable in Australia – and as they service Sydney, Melbourne and a variety of outlying suburbs and states, they can be hired throughout the country whereby their experts will evaluate the condition of a property at the convenience of the buyer.

Unlike many other inspections agencies out there, BYB have extended a very effective discount service to their buyers – based on the number of people that are involved with the transaction.

For example, if just one home buyer is interested in an inspection the prices will start from just $499 AUD.

If 4 people are purchasing however, then the same inspection could be undertaken with a report generated for as little as $149 – offering a substantial $350 saving. There are also options for two and three buyers, with savings increasing as the number of investors grows.

What Else Do ITFHire Offer?

Although some of their most popular services relate to the inspection of buildings, they also offer extensive strata report features, too. Often referred to as a Section 108 check, an Owners Corporation Records Inspection, or a strata search in general – these services are ideal for new buyers that are keen to ensure that all titles belonging to the property, as well as a history of owners, is easily identified to aid in the transaction.

Furthermore, these services start from as little as $79 – and to go even further than their competition, BYB also offer a substantial contract review for free as a part of their package services and when you choose to engage with one of their lawyers.

Helping You to Make an Informed Decision about Your Build

There are so many horror stories relating to property purchases that ended up drastically affecting the buyers; from hidden damage to a home’s structure, right through to an unseen pest infestation.

BYB are here to ensure that these concerns are minimised by offering extensive inspections without delay – allowing the bidding process to continue without difficulty and ensuring that the buyer goes into their potential purchase with a complete understanding of what they are buying in to.